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Readers Respond: Calling Yourself An Artist

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Do you introduce yourself as an artist, illustrator or designer? Or perhaps a printmaker, cartoonist or animator? Do the 'titles' we attach to the arts and art skills limit you? At some point most of us find a label we are comfortable with, and sometimes that label changes, too. What label are you using? Did you choose it, or did it just happen?

I am a ceramist and new and emerging art

I have Dip of Ceramics and I call myself a potter also studying Visual Arts at Uni and I call myself new and emerging artist
—Guest charmad

Why not?

Reading over the responses, I notice some fear in calling yourself an artist. Why not? It seems we are afraid to id ourselves as artist as though this was some shameful brand. After many, many years, I do call myself an artist. This does rather embarass my husband. And he always gives me a dirty look. He still insists that I am just a housewife. (although I have always worked and designed heavy equipment for years) But idenifiying yourself as an artist is like saying "I am weird, watch out for me" No so. Most of the artists I know are rather ordinary people with extra ordinary gifts.

still iam amteur to be called an artist

describing myself as an artist could be a little difficult for me , i do draw well but not that perfect to b called an artist as i still consider myself as a learner and i have my entire life to learn things .But seein other people's execellent work doesnt make me look like an artist in front of them. When i am too emotional my piece of art really comes out and that makes me call myself creative than an artist .
—Guest nimra

calling yourself an artist

I am an artist because I create something unique. To give a smile to myself and others; to amuse and mystify. To create a sense of balance, harmony and order in a chaotic world. To reveal things that couldn't be seen in any other way. To be good to my gift-If I don't create these paintings, nobody is going to do them for me.
—Guest rosalie

I'm a...What Am I Again?

Over the years, I've had many ups and downs when considering if I just want drawing to be a hobby or not. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. The worse thing is I'm not even following my own advice: to not care what others think about your work, and also not to become daunted or intimidated, believing your work is amateur. (http://drawsketch.about.com/u/sty/moredrawingtopics/realartist/An-Artist-Since-Childhood.htm). My siblings tell me to take pride in what I do, that becomoing intimidated is limiting myself from doing something great, but I just don't know where to turn to for inspiration. I think it's because I have problems with proportion, and the fact that I haven't had any formal art classes. I feel stuck.

By definition

According to the following quote from Anonymous, I am an artist:..."Artists are people who have defined themselves as such; those who beleive in their own artwork have as much right to call themselves artists as the most celebrated figures whose works are displayed in galleries and museums." I beleive in my art, therefore I am an artist.


I am calling as an artist but not myself.i want to learn more.
—Guest daulat

How can I be called an artist??

I draw yes..but not well...I was born into artistic family...but am I artistic?

Calling Mysel An Artist

As early as 7 years old, I knew I like to draw and do letterings. I started to do lettering first for my own class folder album using Speedball and Ink. Later, I started to pencil drew. But, my mother disfavored very much my art inclination. So, I discontinued it. When I already got employed, I found myself sketching and drawing objects from our office like typewriter, table, telephone, etc. After I got married, I forgot about drawing. In 1978, an old age friend taught me to handpaint using acryclic and fabric paint. Since then, though off and on again, I drew when I have the urge or in the mood to. October 2009, I attended a Visual Art Workshiop for free and I was the lone senior among the young students. Mine was among those exhibited during our village anniversary. I wanted to learn more, and am happy to find this site at the right place and time.


I am talanted in my work. People love my work. An Artist in painting,plaster off paris on walls. Drawing too. I am creative ,i have a smooth touch in my work. Ideas come in my mind, then i sketch my work.
—Guest kiran

Am I an Artist

Yes and I was born this way not because I have a degree. Although I learned something in college to add to what my hands already did, they were doing it beforehand. My mind is wired to visually create and I feel the urge to use my hands trying to intrpret it for others and add it to my collection. Its fun but its not a masterpiece I am trying to have no it is just what I love ands have a passion for as well as having it gifted at birth.

Gift from God

I will never stop being amazed how my fingers and hands marry my mind. Watching the thought being materialized before my very eyes, and thanking God for every minute of the journey and the gift he has blessed me with. I just hope that I don't let him down, and that his gift to me will somehow be for the betterment of mankind.
—Guest Bill Gimbel

am I an artist?

Here is a reminder of what makes you an artist: To give form to an idea. To create something unique. To give a smile to myself and others; to amuse and mystify. To answer the question: Who am I? To challenge myself and continue to evolve. To have a focus for all my life experiences and observations. To create a sense of balance, harmony and order in a chaotic world. To reveal things that couldn't be seen in any other way. To be good to my gift-If I don't create these paintings, nobody is going to do them for me.
—Guest rosa

I am an artist

We are not reluctant to say we are business people or hairdressers, or horsebackriders, etc. The arts intimidate because we think only of the masters. I was searching my identity in the last few years. Realizing I always loved art the most, and maybe I am only amature status, still an artist is what I feel I am, because it is what I enjoy the most and do as often as possible. So just this past year I have enabled myself to reply to people if asked what I do... I am an artist. My job just pays the bills... for art supplies. :-)
—Guest candaceallan

Am I an artist?

I ask myself this question often..whenever anyone asks me if I am one!! I've begun to say "Yes, I am'. and yet, I still describe myself as a "71 yr old artist-in-training', mainly because I have not had any formal training, just discovered after a long recupertion from surgery, that I can draw, sketch and paint. I am hungry for learning and spend a LOT of time on computer watching every instructional video that I can find! Am I an artist? I love what I'm doing, people enjoy the things I create, my friends encourage me, I see myself improving almost daily..so..when asked if I am an artist, I say, "Oh YES I AM!"
—Guest florence

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