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Auto Art - Clemson GT500

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By CuTigr62

Auto Art - Clemson GT500

Clemson GT500

What I Drew

With football season rapidly approaching, I was still in the mood to draw cars, so I drew a 2010 Shelby GT500 in a Clemson color scheme. I also put Clemson's Death Valley football stadium in the backdrop to add some character to the drawing.

How I Did It

I started out by outlaying where the car and helmet were going to be in the foreground, and then used graphite pencils, 2h to 8b, to fill in the background. After erasing the appropriate areas in the foreground, I used prismacolor colored pencils to create the car and helmet.

Tips and Tricks

  • when creating a sky effect with graphite, shave some lead onto a napkin and rub the napkin together. When you apply the lead to the paper, the result will often result in a smooth texture, practice is needed though.
  • Always try to look at a 3D object as 2D with different shades of different colors. If you can get your proportions down and figure out the 3D effect, you have yourself a nice work of art
  • only use white & black SPARINGLY. Notice in the building that black was applied and as a result it pops just as much as the car does, and that is not the affect that was desired.
  • practice, practice, practice!!!
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