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Portrait of Louis Armstrong

Share Your Story: A Special Drawing

By reidlosder

Portrait of Louis Armstrong


Why I Drew It

I drew this for a family member, I was just getting started in portrait drawing so I gave it a go. It was my first drawing that I actually liked as everything else I was doing at the time I hated, for some reason or other. I know it's not perfect but it gave me the heart to carry on trying.

Why I Love It

I look at this drawing every time I feel like giving up art. It just gives me encouragement for some reason. It was drawn from a photo on water colour paper which gives it the texture. My brother inlaw has it hanging on his wall and he loves it. I can see many faults with the drawing but I still feel I caught his likeness.

Tips and Tricks

  • Just keep trying , find something that interests you and draw it.
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