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House Boat - Digital Drawing

Share Your Story: A Special Drawing


House Boat - Digital Drawing

House Boat

Why I Drew It

I feel like to Improve My Skill

Why I Love It

Digital Paint

Before Starting this I've No Ideas in mind ...and it turned out like this. Every one like this (boats of this style) are a symbol of my kerala. I'm proud of spread secrets of our kerala. that's Why I loved this.

Tips and Tricks

  • Do more ...... U can
  • this picture maid by Paint brush

Helen South, About.com Drawing/Sketching, says:

This is a really nice composition, and the shapes and colors are excellent. You might want to try a freeware program like 'Gimp' or shareware such as ArtRage, or the inexpensive Corel Painter Essentials programs, which will allow you to create more textures and effects.
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