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Drawing / Sketching: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
New to Drawing? Avoid These 10 Common Beginners...
Drawing Tips - Top 10 Mistakes Beginners Make - find out the common mistakes beginners make when they learn to draw, and how to fix them.
Want to Learn How to Draw? Start Your Lessons...
You can learn how to draw. It's easier than you think. Start here with these free learn how to draw lessons. Work through the lessons step by step and you'll be drawing like a pro in no time!
Beginner Art and Drawing Lessons
What skills do you need to to learn to draw, or to teach a beginner in drawing? From holding a pencil to dealing with line and tone, find the lessons you need - for yourself, or for your beginner art class.
Deciphering Doodles: How to Find the Meaning of...
doodle interpretation - discover the meaning and symbolism of doodles. Why people doodle, what the shapes mean and how to interpret doodle drawings and scribbles.
Hop to It and Learn to Draw a Bunny Rabbit with...
How to draw a bunny rabbit - Here's an easy how to draw a bunny rabbit lesson. Use simple shapes then add details to learn how to draw a realistic bunny rabbit perfect for Easter.
10 Steps on How to Draw Two-Point Perspective
Learn to draw two-point perspective, step by step. This easy exercise takes you through drawing in two point perspective, one step at a time. You'll find resources to other perspective drawing lessons so you can develop your skills in 3d drawing!
Draw a Cartoon Easter Bunny
How to Draw an Easter Bunny - draw this fun cartoon Easter Bunny in easy steps. By guest artist Shawn Encarnacion
Proportions of the Human Head
structure and proportions of the human head and face
New to Drawing? Here's How You Should Hold a...
There's no 'one right way' to hold a pencil, but some methods are better than others when it comes to drawing and sketching. This illustrated article demonstrates the most popular pencil grips.
Draw in Perspective with 10 Easy Tips
Learn to draw simple one-point perspective, step by step following this easy tutorial. Learn about what perspective looks like, and how to construct it in easy steps.
Copyright For Artists
copyright - a brief guide to copyright for artists with links to resource sites page 2 - some common misconceptions about copyright, what is fair use, and what is in the public domain.
How to Draw Hair
free online drawing Lesson - how to draw realistic hair in graphite pencil
Drawing a Horse Is Easy with This Step-by-Step...
This simple horse drawing lesson takes you through easy steps to draw a standing horse or pony. This tutorial is designed using very simple shapes so that children or complete beginners can copy it with confidence.
Perspective - How to Draw Perspective
An understanding of perspective drawing is important no matter what subject you choose. It's easier than you think. Just start at the beginning, follow the examples, then progress to the next lesson when you are comfortable. Don't be afraid to experiment with perspective drawing. Your eyes will tell you when something looks right or wrong. Have fun!
Portrait Sketching 101: How to Sketch Faces
Learn how to sketch faces freehand with this tutorial from guest artist Ed Hall. Ed shows you how to observe and sketch from life or a photograph to capture your subject's personality.
Draw a Manga Face - How to Draw a Manga Face
Learn how to draw Manga style character heads and faces with this fun and easy Manga character drawing how-to by Preston Stone.
How to Hold a Pencil
Do you need a special pencil grip to draw? Are you limiting your drawing by holding the pencil in some specialist grip that an art teacher showed you 20 years ago? Here are some examples of ways to hold a pencil for comfortable, effective drawing.
Exploring Mark Making
Test out your art materials. Find out what each pencil can do by scribbling and shading, so that you know which one to choose for different drawing purposes. Page 2.
How to Draw a Dog in 8 Steps
Drawing a dog from a photograph is quite easy. Follow these steps to learn how to draw your pet from a photograph, and use the same principles to sketch from life, too.
How to Draw Manga Characters
Learn How to draw manga characters using a simple wireframe method.
Introduction to Pencil Shading
The first step to successful pencil shading is to control the movement of your pencil, making sure that every mark you make on the paper works towards creating the shading or modeling effect that you want.
Before You Buy Graphite Pencils
Which graphite pencil should you buy? With many options available to the artist, it can be quite confusing to know which ones to get. A selection of basic artist's quality wood-cased pencils is always a good starting point, but different pencils can be useful for different purposes. Read this guide to buying graphite pencils before you start.
Drawing Value - Shading Tonal Values with...
Value Drawing - Seeing values and using tonal values in pencil drawing. This illustrated tutorial on value drawing or shading highlights the difference between seeing lines and seeing values.
Wire Drawing Lesson
Wire Drawing lesson introduction. Learn how to draw with these step by step lessons. Just start with the first one, and work your way through! Page 3.
Wire Drawing Exercise
This Beginner Drawing Exercise, Wire Drawing, is an exercise in hand-eye co-ordination for beginners. Use it to Loosen up and have fun with a non-threatening drawing exercise that sharpens the hand - eye connection, developing observations skills
Drawing Programs and Art Software
There's plenty of good photo editing software around, but what about software for creating art and drawing from scratch - without breaking the bank? Here are a few of my personal favorites.
Learn to Draw Cartoon Faces
Learn to draw cartoon faces - follow these easy step by step instructions and learn how to draw funny cartoon faces using simple shapes. So easy anyone can do it! No talent required!
Drawing - Tips on Better Graphite Pencil Drawing
Improve your graphite pencil drawing with these quick tips and techniques - learn how to get better tone, keep your pencil sharp, and use mark making effectively in your drawings.
Grid Drawing - Copying Pictures Using a Grid...
gridding up, or grid drawing, is a useful way of copying drawings when tracing isn't an option. This illustrated step-by-step shows you how to use a grid to start your drawing.
Top Artist's Sketchbooks
Sketchbooks - artist sketchbooks and drawing books. Reviews and suggestions for recommended artist's sketchbooks, drawing books and art journals. A range of sketchbooks for general use, as well as sketchbooks for specific media such as pastel and watercolor.
Review of Drawing Pens, Nibs and Inks
Here's a guide to choosing an ink drawing pen to suit your style of drawing and personal taste. Let's take a look at some of the best pens and inks and find out what they have to offer the artist and calligrapher.
Top 6 Beginner's Drawing Instruction Books
Drawing books for beginners - your guide's pick of the best drawing books for beginners. Everyone can learn to draw, and these drawing books for beginners will help you gain the skills you need.
Draw a Horse Head Step by Step
Learn how to draw a horse head in just a few simple steps, with this super easy horse drawing tutorial suitable for kids and beginners.
Teaching Children to Draw
teaching children to draw - how children learn to draw, teaching kids to draw and whether they should learn to draw realistically
Draw a Sea Turtle
Draw a simple sea turle. Follow the easy steps of this tutorial to draw a cute little sea turtle swimming through the ocean.
Draw a Cartoon Girl
Drawing Cartoon people - draw a cute cartoon girl step by step. Draw this cute blonde cartoon girl, following the easy step by step examples drawn by guest artist and author Shawn Encarnacion.
What to Draw
Not sure what to draw? Don't worry, we have the solution, Here are pages of ideas for your art class or personal art practice. Get better ideas for your lesson plans or sketchbooks. Come up with something a bit different and start exploring art ideas instead of copying.
An Easy Drawing Lesson
Here is an easy drawing lesson for beginners. Start learning to draw with this these easy drawing lessons. A piece of fruit is a good subject for a beginner artist, so we'll start with drawing a pear in graphite pencil. Give it a try!
Before You Choose a Visual Art Career
choosing a visual art career - an overview of careers in visual art and some things to think about when considering employment in the visual arts
Blind Contour Drawing
Learn to draw - beginner lessons. Learn how to draw with these step by step lessons. Just start with the first one, and work your way through! Page 4.
Best Free Android Drawing Art Apps
Even though free Android apps don't cost you any actual money, nobody wants to waste time and bandwidth on a bad app - or worse, install malware. Here is my selection of Android drawing and art applications that have a permanent place on my drawing tablet. I hope you'll find them useful.
Perspective - What is Perspective?
Definition of Linear Perspective and Atmospheric Perspective as applied to drawing.
How to Learn to Draw
I'm trying to learn to draw, but don't know where to start. I'm trying to draw a great portrait and can't get it to look like the person, and when I try to draw a person, it looks like some sort of zombie! What should I do? First, don't panic. Second, read this article and find out how to learn to draw - from the beginning!
Colored Pencil Mini Reviews
Which colored pencils will suit your needs? Here's some mini reviews of colored pencil brands to help you buy the best colored pencils for your artwork.
Learn How to Draw in Pen and Ink
Pen and Ink drawing for beginners - what you need to get started. Choosing basic equipment for pen and ink drawing.
How to Draw Manga Hands and Feet for Beginners
Draw Manga hands and feet using a simple wireframe method.
How to Draw Eyes
Improve your eye drawing by following this detailed tutorial exploring eye anatomy, proportion and drawing techniques.
Contour - What is Contour Line in Drawing
What is a contour in drawing? A contour is the line which defines a form or edge. Unlike the contours in map drawing, which track across a surface, contours in art drawing are outlines, drawn to describe a visible edge or change of plane.
What is a Vanishing Point?
What is a vanishing point in perspective drawing?
Coloring Pages - Dinosaur Pictures to Print and...
print out these fun dinosaur pictures for coloring-in and kids craft.
Pure Contour Drawing
Pure contour drawing - outline drawing. Pure contour line drawing is the simplest form of linear expression. The line describes visible edges of an object from a particular point of view. This lesson explains what linear contour drawing is and offers some approaches to contour drawing. Page 5.
Learn Colored Pencil Techniques
Learn how to use basic colored pencil techniques including blending and layering to enhance your drawing. Learn how to shade, blend and layer colored pencil.
Tone - What is Tone or Tonal Value?
In art, tone refers to the degree of lightness or darkness of an area. Tone varies from the bright white of a light source through shades of gray to the deepest black shadows. Also known as value.
How to Draw Hands
drawing hands tutorial - learn how to draw hands from life - a free, original online drawing tutorial
Copyright for Artists
copyright - a brief guide to copyright for artists with links to resource sites
Top 8 Charcoal and Pastel Paper
Need help choosing a pastel or charcoal paper? Here's my review of some of the best and most popular charcoal and pastel papers, to help you make an informed choice.
Ideas for Drawing and Painting
Stuck for inspiration? Before you run out of ideas, try one of these. Here are six sources of inspiration for drawing, painting - even scrapbooking. Sometimes when you look at a blank page, your mind goes blank too. So here's some ideas to get you started.
Draw Cute Cartoon Characters - How to Draw a...
How to draw a cute cartoon character. This step by step tutorial makes drawing cartoon people easy. Turn the basic design into a cute boy, girl or animal cartoon.
Flower Drawing - Learn How to Draw Flowers
Learn how to draw and sketch flowers in pen and colored pencil. Learn how to draw flowers and find tips and ideas for flower drawing.
Pencil Shading Exercise - Shading an Egg
Learn Pencil Shading step one - setting up your subject ready to draw. Setting up a super-simple still life of an egg to shade in graphite pencil. Find out what you need to do this simple and effective drawing exercise.
Symbolism - Geometric Shapes
the meaning of shapes - interpreting the meaning of geometric shapes, doodle drawings and symbol analysis in drawing circles and squares
Thumbnail Sketching
Thumbnail sketching - find out what thumbnail sketches are and how to use thumnail sketches to help with your drawing and painting
Figure Drawing - Proportions of the Human Figure
Figure drawing proportions - find out the proportions of the average human figure heroic figure and how to measure them. Improve your figure drawing by using accurate proportions.
Doodle Drawing - Flower Symbolism
Interpreting the meaning of flower doodle drawings and symbol analysis in drawing flowers.
How to Title Art
How to you you choose a title for your art? What you title your drawing or painting tells your viewer how to approach the piece. Here are some tips on how to name your artwork, drawing or painting.
5 Ways to Learn to Draw What You See
How can I learn to draw what I see? Firstly, by training your mind and eye to work together with some simple exercises. Here are some top techniques that will help you learn how to draw what you see. The linked headings will take you to more information on each technique, with lessons to practice.
Blind Contour Drawing Examples
Here is a fun and worthwhile drawing exercise, a favourite with drawing teachers to develop hand-eye communication. Contour drawing is essentially outline drawing, and blind contour drawing means drawing the outline of the subject without looking at the paper.
How to Keep a Sketchbook
Keeping a sketchbook is something most artists do. A sketchbook fills various functions, and you'll find your own way of using it. But where do you start, when you bring home that beautiful sketchbook with crisp, empty white pages. How do you fill them? Try some of these creative ideas for getting your sketchbook started
Avoiding Copyright Infringement
Avoiding Copyright Infringement in your own artwork - Copyright Guide page 3 - a brief guide to copyright for artists with links to resource sites.
Abstract Art - Getting Started with Abstraction
Having trouble with abstraction? Here are some ways to approach abstract art. If you are used to realist art, taking a step into abstract painting and drawing can be daunting but refreshing. Find out how.
Shading with Graphite Pencil
Pencil Shading - learn how to use pencils to shade tonal values. Practice shading technique and develop shaded tones following this pencil shading exercise. Page 2.
An Introduction to Contour Drawing
Contour drawing is basically outline drawing, and is the way most beginners start learning to draw and sketch. Learn more about contour drawing and how to develop your skills.
Before You Buy Essential Art Supplies for Drawing
Drawing Supplies - a guide to drawing supplies. Learn about the different types of drawing supplies and art materials you'll need and what you need to know before you buy them.
Horizon Line - What is the Horizon Line?
What is the Horizon Line in drawing? The horizon line in perspective drawing is a horizontal line across the picture...
Ink Drawing Textures
learn to draw ink textures - basic hatching, cross hatching and scumbling
Colored Pencil Basics
Colored Pencil Basics - a first lesson in using colored pencils, beginning with basic pencil strokes
Top 5 Drawing from Imagination
How do I draw better from imagination? This is an often-asked question. Here are some tips on bringing your creative fantasies to life, drawing from memory or imagination, and developing your own imaginative art.
Drawing Exercise - Get to Know Your Medium
Get to Know Your Medium - before you start work on a finished drawing, do some creative, purposeful scribbles to get to know your drawing materials - pencils, charcoal, pens or other mediums.
Drawing with a Grid
draw with a grid - learn how to use method of copying from a photograph to a drawing
Crosshatching - What is Crosshatching?
Crosshatching is drawing two layers of hatching at right-angles in order create a mesh-like pattern. Used in various drawing mediums for textural and tonal effects.
Linear Contour Drawing - Pure Contour
Pure contour line drawing is the simplest form of linear expression. The line describes visible edges of an object from a particular point of view. This lesson explains what linear contour drawing is and offers some approaches to contour drawing.
Anatomy Drawing: The Head and Neck
Learn to draw the human head for portraiture or figure drawing - improve your drawing with anatomical studies and points to observe when drawing the head and neck
Juxtaposition - What is Juxtaposition?
Juxtaposition is the placing of compositional elements side-by-side, with the intention of comparing or contrasting them.
What do the H and B and numbers mean on a pencil?
Are you wondering what those letters - the H, B, F - and numbers mean on a pencil? - Find out what they mean, and how they relate to the numbers on American writing pencils - pencil hardness and grades.
Proportions in Figure Drawing
Have you ever wondered what artists are actually doing when they peer at something over an outstretched pencil-top? They are measuring up the model. Page 2.
Implied Line - What is Implied Line in Drawing
What is a implied in drawing? Implied line is an important part of the artist's arsenal, especially in pure contour drawing when other modeling techniques are limited. Read the definition of implied line and find out how to use it.
Choose the Best Charcoal for Your Drawing
Charcoal - vine, willow, and compressed charcoal sticks and pencils, carbon pencils for sketching and drawing. An overview of charcoal drawing materials to help you make your selection.
Practice Graduated and Continuous Shading
Get control of your range of tone with this simple exercise in graduated tonal drawing.
Drawing Children - Face Proportions and Drawing...
drawing children - children's face proportions and tips on drawing children's portraits. Learn to draw children.
Cross Contour Drawing
Next in this learn to draw series is cross contour drawing. Find out what cross contours are, and how to use them to make your drawing more three-dimensional. . Page 6.
Pencil Sketching Lesson - Structure and Form
Sketching in the basic structure using simple shapes can help you to create a more convincing three-dimensional drawing. This article shows you how to go about sketching structure.
Things to Draw
Need some things to draw? Here are some drawing and painting ideas to get you started. From traditional still life to contemporary approaches, you can find things in around the home to draw which make great subjects.
Cross Contour Drawing - What is Cross Contour...
Find out what cross contours are and how to use them to make your drawing more three-dimensional. Understanding cross contours is important for any style of drawing.
How To Apply Spray Fixative
How to apply fixative spray - learn how to correctly apply spray fixatives to drawings - pastel, charcoal or graphite.
Attending a Figure Drawing Class
your first life drawing class - what to expect. Don't be put off attending figure drawing classes - theses tips will help you get the most out of it and conquer first-time nerves.
Best Drawing Ink Review
Drawing inks - not sure which ink to use? Check out my guide to selecting inks for drawing and my thoughts on the best brads of indian ink and chinese ink for fine art drawing.
Before You Buy Pencil Drawing Equipment
drawing drawing supplies - equipment - erasers, sharpeners, tortillons - paper stumps - and all those other useful bits and pieces of drawing kit other than pencils.
Which Paper Do I Use for Graphite Pencil Drawing?
Which paper do I use for graphite pencil drawing? For graphite pencil drawing, and especially realist drawing, you need the right surface to support the detail and precise tonal gradations that you create. Find out which paper to choose for photo-realist graphite pencil drawing
Sketch Artist - Police and Forensic Sketch Artist
Forensic art is a career that combines creative skills with people skills. If you're fascinated by crime shows like CSI, Numbers and Without a Trace, but don't want your creative skills to go to waste, police or forensic artist may be the career for you. Information on the aptitude, training and career opportunities working in forensic art.
Which pencil should I use for shading?
There's such a range of graphite pencils to choose from, its hard to know which to pick. Use one pencil for everything? Use a different one for every tonal value? Here's what to do.
Draw Superheroes in Classic Marvell or DC Style
Learn how to draw superheroes. Here is a selection of fantastic superheroes with Marvell and DC Style comic book heroes that you can draw - copy them step by step or use them to create your own super hero.
Line Drawing - Using Implied Line in Drawing
Line Drawing - how to use line in drawing. Learn how to use different kinds of line, what to draw and what to leave out to make your line drawing successful.
Negative Space Drawing - How to Use Negative...
How do you do a negative space drawing? Find out what negative space is and how to use it in your drawing and painting.
Art Paper Surface Types
Art paper types - find out what the different types of paper surfaces are for art paper. Should you use plate, vellum, velours, or laid? Rough, Medium or Smooth?
Six Ways to Make Your Art and Design Portfolio...
Here are seven tips to help you put together a fantastic art portfolio that shows your true potential as an artist.
Simple Three Point Perspective
Drawing in three point perspective isn't much harder than two point - and it's a lot of fun. Before you tackle a cityscape, try drawing this simple box in three point perspective.
Draw a Brick Wall in Perspective
Learn how to draw a brick wall in Perspective - this drawing exercise helps you to practice using linear perspective techniques to construct a brick wall.
Which paper should I use for Pastel and Chalk...
Which paper do I use for pastel and chalk drawing? There are so many different papers on the market, it's hard to know which one to use. This paper FAQ will help you choose the right paper for your pastel and chalk drawing
Doodle Symbolism - People, Faces and Features
meaning of people and face doodles - interpreting the meaning of doodle drawings and symbols in drawing - psychoanalysis of drawings of faces
Kick Start Your Art Career
Art Career Kick-Start - stop procrastinating and get your art career going. This 10-point plan will help you make the step up from amateur to professional. Art careers don't just happen by themselves!
Doodles and Zentangles
Are Doodles and Zentangles the same thing? What is the difference? Why do some artists love Zentangles while others seem to take offence at the very name?
Sketch a Running Horse
Here's the photo of a horse running or galloping that we'll be using for this tutorial. Use this photograph as a reference for your horse drawing, or follow the steps using your own. Page 2.
Blending Colored Pencil
Finding colored pencils tricky to blend? Read these tips on different methods of blending and layering colored pencil.
Symbolism - Boxes and Three Dimensional Forms
meaning of box doodles - interpreting and analyzing the meaning of three-d doodle drawings and 3D symbol analysis in drawing
Draw Shiny Surfaces in Colored Pencil
Drawing metals like steel, silver and copper is easier than you think. You just have to trust your eyes, draw what you see, and keep your pencils sharp. This simple one-page step by step lesson shows you how it's done.
Foreshortening - What is Foreshortening?
Foreshortening is when an object appears compressed when seen from a particular viewpoint, and the effect of perspective causes distortion. Particularly effective when well rendered on the picture plane to create the illusion of a figure in space.
Draw a Rose - Learn How to Draw a Rose in...
learn how to draw a rose in colored pencil. This step by step tutorial will show you how to draw a rose in colored pencil, beginning with a suitable subject or reference photo
Doodle Symbolism - Mark Making and Line Weight
symbolism of doodles - lineweight and mark making - interpreting the meaning of doodle drawings and symbols in drawing - psychoanalysis of drawings importance of marks scribbles and style
What Do Artists Do
What do artists actually do? If we believe the media and myths, we'd say they mostly swan about at exhibition openings and coffee shops looking very hipster and saying deep and meaningful things. But what do artists really do? Let's take a look at what an artist's life is really about.
Which Paper Do I Use for Pencil Sketching?
Sketch paper comes in all kinds of weights, sizes, sheets and pads. Here's a guide to choosing the right sketch paper to suit your style and budget.
Wolf Drawing - How to Draw a Wolf
Draw a Wolf - artist Michael Hames shows you how to draw a beautiful wolf or werewolf following this step by step drawing tutorial.
Draw a '3D' pyramid in perspective
Draw a 3D pyramid using easy one-point perspective.
How to Be A Famous Artist
How do I get to be a famous, successful artist? Do I have to go to art school? What if I don't have any talent? Here's the low down on achieving fame in the art world.
Eye Drawing Demonstration - Eye Drawing Step by...
Learn how to draw a beautiful eye step by step with this easy eye drawing demonstration.
Nibs for Dip Pens
Ink Pen Nibs for Drawing - tips on selecting and maintaining dip pens for ink drawing and sketching. Learn how to choose, clean and care for your ink pen nib.
Doodle Symbolism - Stars, Hearts and Others
symbolism of doodles - interpreting the meaning of doodle drawings and symbols in drawing - psychoanalysis of drawings
Drawing Fire and Flames
A step-by-step tutorial on how to draw flame using line or colour, with some tips to think about when drawing candles, fire or flames.
Sketchbook Ideas - Drawing Portraits and Figures
Ideas for drawing portraits and people. If you need some ideas for classroom teaching or your own art practice, here are some suggestions to get you started. Find ideas on portrait drawing and painting, figurative composition and figure drawing. Page 2.
Colored Pencil Tips
Improve your colored pencil drawing technique with these quick and easy colored pencil drawing ideas, tips and techniques from your guide.
Draw Horse Eyes Step by Step
Draw a Horse Eye in Colored Pencil - learn how to draw horses' eyes in colored pencil following this tutorial by guest artist Janet Griffin-Scott
Sketching with Pen, Ink and Wash
Sketching with pen, ink and wash - tips on sketching using pen and ink with watercolor washes.
Drawing the Human Head from Life
drawing the human head from life using traditional structure
Hatching - What is Hatching?
Definition of Hatching. What is hatching in drawing? Hatching is the use of fine, parallel lines drawn closely together...
Draw a Female Superhero - A Superheroine
Draw a female superhero - a superheroine. Learn to draw a gorgeous, dynamic superhero woman in the style of your favorite Marvell and DC comic book characters. If you love Batgirl, Electra, Superwoman or Electra, you'll love this character created by Shawn Encarnacion.
Draw a Cute Puppy Dog Cartoon
Draw a cute cartoon puppy dog following these easy steps. Drawn especially for About.com readers by cartoonist Steve Barr, this cute cartoon tutorial is perfect for kids and beginners.
Figure Drawing Proportions
Trying to impose an artificial idea of proportion on the human figure doesn't always work and ends to ignore variations of pose and perspective. Ed Hall explains how to use the 'big three' concept to get the essential proportions of your figure drawing right, based on skull, chest and hips.
Mood and Vision Board
Need inspiration? Learn how to make a mood or vision board to develop your ideas and creative themes. Used by artists, designers, writers and all kinds of creative people, mood boards or vision boards help you to find your artistic inspiration.
Luxury Drawing Gift Ideas
Looking for a special gift for the artist in your life? Choosing gifts for artists can be a bit daunting. Here's my pick of big ticket gifts that any artist who draws will enjoy.
Orthogonals - What are Orthogonals ?
In Linear Perspective drawing, the diagonal lines that can be drawn along receding parallel lines (or rows of objects) to the vanishing point.
Symbolism - Abstract and Random Shapes
Interpreting the meaning of abstract shapes, doodle drawings and symbol analysis in drawing random forms
Achieving a Good Likeness
Drawing a likeness - making your portrait drawing look like face of the person you are trying to draw - is the whole point of portraiture, right? Here are some tips to help you get your portrait to look more like the sitter.
Draw a Superhero Man
Draw a superhero man - how to draw a superhero man in the style of golden age comic book heroes. Create a structure, build the form and add the detail with this simple three-step tutorial. Draw a classic Golden Age styled comic superhero.
Top 6 Graphite Pencil Drawing Paper
Guide to drawing paper and board - make your choice easier with this selection of the best papers and boards for drawing with graphite pencil.
Drawing Noses
Having trouble drawing noses? Here are some tips to help you get this important part of your portrait drawing up to scratch!
Gesture Drawing
Gesture drawing is a form of expressive mark-making that emphasises an energetic and tactile approach to form. Gestural or gesture drawings are a great way to loosen up and can be great fun, too.
Draw a Cat - How to Draw a Cat in Graphite Pencil
Drawing your cat from a photograph is quite easy. Follow these steps to learn how to draw your a cat, and use the same principles to sketch a cat from life, too. When it's asleep, maybe...
Figure Drawing: Line and Contour
Applying contour drawing principles to figure drawing. Drawing the human form with line and color.
Drawing Lessons - Free Online Drawing Lessons
Learn how to draw with free online how to draw lessons, regularly updated drawing resources, tutorials and information, original drawing lessons, tips and ideas.
Figure Drawing Proportions - Judging Angles
figure drawing - measuring up the model - how to use a pencil to judge relative angles in the model's pose. Page 3.
Human Anatomy Reference Photos
A gallery of human anatomy reference images for figure drawing. Don't worry about learning long scientific names - the important thing for artists is understanding where the muscles are underneath the skin. Use these simple, clear anatomy images to help improve the accuracy and detail in your figure drawing.

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