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How to Draw a Wolf in Colored Pencil


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Draw a Wolf - Working the Background
developing the background
Janet Griffin-Scott, licensed to About.com, Inc.
I begin to think about the background now, and switch media to water soluble coloured pencils, which have a pigment that dissolves quite readily in water, blurring the boundary between drawing and painting. Some water soluble brands I use are Derwent, Prismacolour and Faber Castell.

There are two ways I use these pencils, first, lay down colour layers and smudge with a Qtip which is what I did here, or two, wet the lead and draw in a circular motion with the wet lead, very effective for dark areas. The leads tend to dissolve in the water so I constantly dry them out under the heat of an old fashioned light bulb.

I start to sketch in the deep grass of the rise he is standing on with the regular pencils with very very sharp tips as I am outlining each blade and clump of grass. I start to outline trees with darker and lighter areas. I simply cannot say enough about the flexibility of Q tips for drawing, smudging and erasing techniques. They are the cheapest, most flexible art supply around. I use them all day, every day.

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