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How to Draw a Wolf in Colored Pencil


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Beginning with the Wolf's Head
How to Draw a Wolf in Colored Pencil
Janet Griffin-Scott, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Notice that the wolf drawing alone is transferred. I tend to want to draw in the background more freely and less photographic. I look at the preliminary drawing if I need guidelines for where the trees and grass grow.

I start sketching in light greys here using a combination of different brands of coloured pencil. I use Berol, Prismacolour, Faber Castell and even student grades such as Laurentian and Crayola. Each brand has different hardness, texture, amount of wax binder, and a slightly different colour range. Some leads are harder and hold a sharpened point easier.

I do the eyes and nose of the wolf in light grey strokes and start the detailed hair on the wolf’s head with tiny strokes.

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