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How to Draw a Wolf in Colored Pencil


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Completing the Wolf Drawing in Coloured Pencil
the completed wolf drawing
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Now we are at the final stage of drawing, balancing the colours and cleaning up the surface. The colours had become too harsh and too blue in my opinion so I lightened areas of the drawing with a vinyl eraser, Kleenex and Q tips. Sometimes wax binder builds up on the surface of the paper, called wax bloom, so this has to also be removed by eraser. I added more detail and single long strokes to the grass. I covered his feet as they would not show in the deep grass. I smudged areas of his coat with Burnt Sienna and Yellow Ochre coloured pencils and the regular coloured pencil black areas do not dissolve so it is a handy technique to mix both types. I darkened his tongue and added a shadow on the pink.

I finish by scanning and taking out any tiny mistakes or dirt smudges in Photoshop. I title this drawing “His Place in Nature” and add it to my catalogue (Master List) of drawings and date it. It is always interesting to look at my older work to see how far I have come and how my work has changed over the decades.

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