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How to Draw a Wolf - Drawings of Wolves

Wolf Drawings - wolves in pencil, pastel and charcoal by various artists, including examples of wolf artwork and posters as well as beginner's wolf sketches.

How to Draw a Wolf in Colored Pencil
How to Draw a Wolf - Learn how to draw a wolf in colored pencil, step by step, with equine and wildlife artist Janet Griffin-Scott.

Draw a Wolf - Drawing a Wolf Step by Step
Draw a wolf - draw a beautiful wolf portrait with this step by step wolf drawing tutorial by Michael Hames for About.com.

Draw Wolf Paws
When you draw an animal, you want to get the feet right. Usually they are difficult and we aren't familiar with the anatomy. This excellent wolf paw tutorial from Anuwolf on Deviant art will help you make your wolf paws perfect. Click the page to see it full size.

Wolf Run Studio - Wolves Notecards
Notecard Wolf drawings of the Gray Wolf and Red Wolf by Bill Harrah, including information on each wolf's habititat.

Gray Wolf Coloring-In Page
From the National Geographic Society, a coloring-in printable featuring a running wolf, a wolf head and a wolf paw, drawn by Natalya Zahn.

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