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Technical Drawing - Engineering Drawing

A collection of useful web resources on technical drawing and illustration, technical drawing lessons and reference material.

American Design Drafting Association
The American Design Drafting Association is a professional organisation that runs various support programs, professional certification and employment programs for designers, drafters, architects and technical artists.

CAD 101 Course Notes from University of Plymouth
Downloadable PDF course files from Plymouth University's School of Engineering. These extensive notes on Computer Aided Design are comprehensive and well written. Includes an excellent AutoCad tutorial with screenshots.

Isometric and Orthographic Drawing Tutorial
Specialist automotive and industrial graphic artist Kevin Hulsey demonstrates isometric and orthographic projection drawing.

Draw a Coiled Spring
Learn how to draw a coiled spring using a vector drawing program in this excellent, clear tutorial from graphic artist Kevin Hulsey.

MIT Engineering Drawing and Sketching Notes
Don't you love educators who generously share their course notes. Here you'll find some lesson materials developed by staff and students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

FreeCAD Free CAD Software
If you can't afford the outrageous price of proprietary software or just prefer to use open source for ethical reasons, you might want to check out FreeCAD. It's a powerful, versatile and totally open source Computer Aided Drawing package.

How to Sketch Floor Plans
Need to sketch a floor plan but not sure how to start? This short but informative page shows you how to progress from a rough concept to a finished plan, with some useful tips.

Sectional Views
This powerpoint lesson on sectional views is beautifully put together and illustrated. Learn what a cross-section is meant to show and how to render it correctly.

Divide a Circle with a Compass
How to divide a circle into eighths using a compass.

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