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Tax Advice for Artists - Taxation and Accounting Resources for Artists

Art and accounting might seem like polar opposites, but to have a successful career - and avoid financial and legal consequences - accurate tax record keeping is essential. Here's some tips to help you tame the paperwork monster.

Taxation & Tax Deductions for the Self-Employed Visual Artist
A good basic overview to taxation for artists: are you a business, how much you have to earn before you need to submit a tax return, what you can deduct.

Bartering Your Art: Tax Implications of the Barter Process
If you barter your art - trading or swapping goods or services, rather than selling it for cash - you should still declare it for taxation purposes. This article explains the basic rules.

Why You Need to Face Financial Facts
Are you trying to avoid the whole issue? If you're trying to make it as a professional, money is a fact of life. This article from New York's NYFA fine art group gives you a pep talk with some useful links and books.

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