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Brick Wall Rough Sketch


Brick Wall Rough Sketch
H South
Here's my sketch of the wall in the Mock Tudor photo. I've roughly hatched an indication of the brick pattern and shaded the rest of the wall to suggest the tonal values - I'd probably use a more consistent direction if I did it over. As you see from the relatively few bricks that I've actually hatched in, you don't need to draw every single brick for the viewer to know that it's a brick wall. You just need to make the suggestion and let the mind fill the rest in. [p]Also note the use of negative space to draw the greenery in front of the wall. I've shaded up to the tops of the shrubs, as the upper leaves are lit by sunlight, and shaded the darker foliage below. I haven't taken it any further in this case, but this is your basic approach for a value sketch - even quite roughly shaded background areas will create an edge against the reserved white of the paper. No need to outline. Some lightly wandering line might be used to create some texture along that edge but without a harshly defining line.
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