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Drawing with the Sight-Size Method

Sight-size or right-size drawing is a traditional method of observing the subject, still taught in classical ateliers. Mainly used for portraiture but applicable to other subjects, sight-sizing will help you attain great accuracy when drawing from life.

How to Use the Sight-Size Method
Ben Rathbone, a graduate of the School of Representational Art in Chicago, wrote this explanation of the sight-size method. He includes photographic illustrations and covers the use of plumb-line and calipers.

The Benefits of Sight-Size Drawing
A feature article in 'My American Artist' magazine. Editor M. Stephen Doherty discusses sight-size with artist Tim McGuire, sharing many useful, practical tips along the way.

A First Cast Drawing
Follow along with artist Paul, a 'lapsed painter', as he makes a cast drawing. He uses the Bargue method of drawing schematics, and it is interesting to see how he maps out the key points of the model.

Articles on Sight-Size from Charles H. Cecil Studios
Learn about the technique as taught at Charles H. Cecil studios in Florence. Includes an essay by Nicholas Beer on the Sight Size Portrait Tradition.

Bargue Drawing Demo
Paul, who doesn't seem to possess a surname, shares his experiences doing some copies of drawings from the Charles Bargue drawing course.

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