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Simple Three Point Perspective


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The Completed Box in Three Point Perspective
Simple Three Point Perspective
Now erase your working lines and strengthen the lines that mark out the sides of the box. Shading the sides of the box can help to make it look more three-dimensional; use a darker tone underneath. You can also follow perspective shading, directional shading that pays attention to the direction of perspective, to help create your three-dimensional illusion. As I mentioned before, the close-together vanishing points make this box a little bit distorted. But it still looks pretty cool.

That was surprisingly easy, wasn't it! Perspective drawing isn't difficult if you take it one stage at a time. Of course, this is just a very simple shape - more complicated objects can become quite tricky. Practice drawing simple figures in three-point perspective from various angles to become confident with the method.

When sketching a building, we don't always construct perspective precisely like this - but knowing how it looks will help you to draw it correctly. I like to indicate the main structure, rule some very light guidelines, then draw carefully freehand, to maintain consistency within the image. You can also use a straightege (ruler or book edge) to against the pencil body or your hand, rather than the point, to get a line that is straight but not too mechanical. Try sketching a tall building in three point perspective and see what works for you. Try some brick and stone textures to add interest to the surfaces.

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