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Simple Three Point Perspective


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A Simple Box in 3 Point Perspective
Simple Three Point Perspective
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Now we're going to draw a simple box in three point perspective. This will help you get the mechanics sorted out, and from there you can play with different angles and shapes. To begin with, we need a horizon line and three vanishing points - two on the horizon and one above us. Notice how if you look up, the horizon moves to the bottom of your field of vision - you see more sky. So we draw the horizon very low. Draw a light perpendicular (straight up and down) line from your top vanishing point.

Because I needed to fit the tutorial into a small space, my vanishing points are very close together. This gives an effect a bit like using a wide-angle lens, which distorts the object - you can get a more realistic result by spacing your points much further apart. You could try taping an extra sheet of paper to the top and sides of your working sheet, so that you can place your vanishing points further away.

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