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Observing a box in two-point perspective.
box in perspective
H South
Here's a photograph of a box on a table. (Note, the line across the back is not the horizon line - it's the edge of the table, and is lower than my eye level, and so, lower than the horizon.) If we continue the lines made by the edges of the box, they meet at two points above the table - at eye level.

Note the extra space I've had to add around the image to fit the vanishing points on the page - when you draw two-point perspective, close vanishing points make your image look compressed, as though through a wide-angle lens. For best results, use an extra-long ruler, and use wide paper from a roll, or tape extra sheets to each side. (You can also tape your drawing to the table, and place your vanishing points on a piece of tape placed out to the side.)

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