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Draw One-Point Perspective


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One Point Perspective in Real Life
looking at perspective

Notice that the back of the box - which you know is the same size as the front - looks narrower from this point of view.

H South
To make sense of what we will be drawing, first lets take a look at a box from one-point perspective in real life. Then we can see how it works. Here's a photograph of a box on a table, again showing us how one set of lines stays parallel and the other set vanishes to a point.

Note that the line across the back is not the horizon line - it's the edge of the table, and is lower than my eye level, and so, lower than the horizon. If we continue the lines made by the edges of the box, they meet at a point above the table - at eye level. If we could see into the distance, it would be on the horizon, (provided the camera is looking straight ahead, and not tilted). The front edges of the box are quite parallel.

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