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Perspective Drawing

Perspective Drawing lessons, including one and two point perspective, and the theory behind linear perspective.

Draw a '3D' pyramid in perspective
Draw a 3D pyramid using easy one-point perspective.

Draw Two-Point Perspective
How to draw perspective: learn to draw two-point perspective, step by step. This first exercise takes you through drawing a basic box shape in two point perspective.

Draw One-Point Perspective
How to draw perspective - learn about what perspective is and how to draw it with this simple, clear, illustrated step by step tutorial.

Find the Center of a Square or Rectangle in Perspective
This quick and easy step by step shows you how to find the center of a square or rectangle in perspective. Once you've learned this simple trick, you can use it to evenly space building features like tiles, bricks and windows, or position a door or roof.

Simple Three Point Perspective
Three point perspective sounds complicated - but it is incredibly simple if you just follow the steps. Learn the basics with this quick step by step.

Car Design: Quick Sketch Technique
A tutorial by Allan MacDonald which shows designers how to 'speed up' their usually precise drawing techniques to produce a design which is both readable and quick to create. Includes step-by-step illustrations which younger artists can also follow.

Introduction to Perspective
Learn the basics of perspective - what it is, who invented it, and how to draw it, with this short introduction. Learn to do simple 3-D boxes in one-point and two point perspective.

Perspective Drawing Tips
Develop your mastery of perspective drawing with these useful tips, including how to draw ellipses and construct a roof.

Perspective Basics at Handprint (Updated)
These comprehensive, in-depth pages include basic perspective drawing and solutions to common perspective problems, as well as advanced geometrical problems and a bit of history.

Elementary Perspective Drawing Lessons
Designed for the classroom with clear diagrams. Follow the steps lesson one to create a streetscape in 2-point perspective, lesson two a cool one-point perspective view of a city looking upwards at skyscrapers. Lessons from J. Hagan, now hosted at Wet Canvas.

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