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Pen and Ink Drawing

Among these Pen and Ink resources you'll find drawing exercises and artist's pages featuring both traditional and modern pen-and-ink techniques.
  1. Pen and Marker Illustration (4)
  2. Stipple and Hedcut Drawing (4)

Drawing a Brick Wall in Pen and Ink with Tonal Wash
How to draw a brick wall using pen, ink and wash. Hatching or stippling the brick or stone textures in pen and ink, with a dilute black watercolor wash to create tonal values.

Pen and Ink - Drawing Textures
Learn how to create the illusion of texture and value using basic penstrokes. Examples of hatching, crosshatching, contoured hatching, scumbling and stippling in pen and ink.

Drawing Pen Nib Selection and Maintenance
Tips on choosing dip nibs for pen and ink drawing, how to use them, and how to maintain your drawing pen, including common problems, and how to clean your ink drawing pen. By guest contributor 'eilu'.

Drawing Pens and Nibs - Top Picks
Pen and ink drawing is one of the cheapest and easiest drawing mediums. Here are your guide's pick of the best ink pens and nibs for pen and ink drawing. Includes old-fashioned dip pens, inexpensive memory pens and rapidograph technical pens.

Best Drawing Ink Review
Drawing inks - not sure which ink to use? Check out my guide to selecting inks for drawing and my thoughts on the best brads of indian ink and chinese ink for fine art drawing.

Draw a Rose in Pen
Draw a simple, elegant rose sketch in fiber-tip pen (or using a dip pen or digital ink.)

Sketching with Pen and Ink
Pen and ink is a surprisingly fun and friendly medium. Sure, you can't rub out mistakes, but that's the adventure - those happy accidents! Here's a tantrum-free approach to sketching with pen, ink and wash. Just go with the flow!

How To Cut a Bamboo Pen
Derrel Blain explains how to make your own bamboo pen, with some excellent, clear photos that show exactly how it should be cut.

Architectural Drawing in Pen and Ink
A.E.E. Jones's pen-and-ink website is essential reading for anyone interested in classic nib-pen drawing - not just the architectural variety. Loads of beautifully executed and well presented pen drawings illustrate hatching and linework techniques.

Old Ink
Some of us take a perverse pleasure in doing things the hard way, and on occasions, the results are worth the effort. These pages on 'Old Ink' include history, advice and recipes for the old-fashioned ink afficionado from artist and printmaker, Evan Lindquist.

Ink Drawings - Christopher Welch
A small but elegantly presented website featuring pen and ink, and pencil sketches. Most have a landscape theme though there are also figures and other subjects.

Sketchbook Ink - Angus Stewart
Angus Stewart's website gallery of his warm and lovely ink drawings of the Island of Mull. These pen and wash pieces are taken from his sketchbook, and are accompanied by informal notes on the process of ink drawing and sketchbook keeping that are well worth reading. Dropdown link to Malta sketchbook. Many images but loads reasonably fast.

Exercises in Pen and Ink
From Homechool Arts, beginning with an excellent introduction to the materials for sketching in pen and ink. Also suitable for younger artists.

Paul Hitchen - Marine Ink
Artist and designer Paul Hitchen's drawings, mostly of marine themes, are something special. His intensely detailed work reveal a passion for the sea, as well as a keen sense of design.

Pen and Ink Drawings by Enrico Bosi
These surreal pen and ink works are a delight. Whimsical, intriguing little pieces. Most have a rather naive feel although clearly based on a solid academic foundation. Navigate through the site to see work in other media. In English, with link to the Italian site.

Make a Bamboo Dip Pen
Leigh Reyes demonstrates cutting a bamboo pen with lots of nice big photos. It's almost worth the click just to see the her very ornate knife blade - it looks anything but functional, but seems to do the trick!

Art of Vivienne Nelson
Australian art teacher Vivienne Nelson has dozens of pen and ink drawings on her blog. It's well worth checking out, especially for her architectural drawing - architecture can be particularly challenging to draw, but Vivienne handles even very urban subjects with a combination of clarity and informality.

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