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Pastel Drawing and Painting

Pastel combines the convenience of a dry medium with the brilliant colour of paint, making it a favourite of beginners and experts alike. Here are some useful links for the pastellist.
  1. Pastel 101

Chalk Drawing Exercise - White on Black
Learn how to draw with white chalk or pastel on black paper. This simple exercise helps you to practice shading with white on black to achieve realistic results when drawing on black paper or a blackboard or chalk board.

Artist's Pastel's - Soft Pastels, Hard Pastels and Pastel Pencils
Your guide's pick of the best artist's pastels - best quality soft pastels, hard pastels and pastel pencils. Includes conte crayons, Sennelier and Faber-Castell. Find the right pastel brand and type to suit your style and budget.

How to Apply Spray Fixative
If you decide to use a spray fixative to protect your pastel drawings, applying it correctly will minimise image alteration and allow the fixative to do its job. Follow these steps for effective fixative application.

Before You Buy Pastels
About.com Painting guide's practical advice to consider before you purchase your first pastel drawing materials. Don't wast your money on stuff you don't need - get the 'good oil' here.

Pastel Pratfalls at APOW
From the Associated Pastelists on the Web, great tips on avoiding common errors that beginners make in pastel drawing. The information on paper choice and keeping the drawing 'open' is brilliant. Well worth a click.

Pastel Portraits by Christine Belanger
Here are some really lovely pastel portraits, characterised by a subtle sense for color. Have a look and be inspired to work from your own old family photos!

Silk Kimono Pastel Drawing Demonstration
Pastel artist Marbo Barnard takes us through the steps of creating a pastel drawing of a silk Kimono. Note the interesting choice of paper color relative to the final result, and the interesting composition.

International Association of Pastel Societies
The Association's site has an extensive listing of international society sites, accompanied by many images. Also relevant Faqs, including technical advice on the medium. The Association holds conferences, exhibitions and competitions.

A Rose in Pastel
Sketching a rose in pastel. Simple layering on a dark background creates a rich, textured surface.

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