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Old Master Drawing - Drawing Techniques of the Old Masters

Old Master Drawings - drawings of the great masters, image collections and essays on old master drawings, including Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Proudhon.
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  3. Leonardo Da Vinci Drawings (6)
  4. Raphael (3)

Silverpoint Drawing Materials
A list of Silverpoint Drawing Materials - What you need to get started with silverpoint or metalpoint drawing to create beautiful drawings in the old master style.

Review: Boucher at the Frick
This exhibition of François Boucher is now finished, but you can still get some tips on old-master techniques from the review. Roccoco painter Francois Boucher was regarded as one of the foremost draftsmen of his time.

The Art Renewal Center
If you've been harbouring a sneaking suspicion that the art world has lost its marbles, then here is a safe haven. The page design is a bit overfull, but get past that to a rich resource of classic art. The philosophy of this group is to return to the classic values of craftsmanship. Includes listings of recommended art schools, an extensive gallery and many articles.

Chalk Technique of Pierre-Paul Prud'hon
Many pages covering an extensive analysis of the drawing materials and techniques of Pierre-Paul Prud'hon, accompanied by many illustrations. Includes a well written step-by-step guide. Essential for anyone interested in traditional technique.

Degas on the Artchive
An interesting article on Degas from Robert Hughes' book 'Nothing if Not Critical: Selected Essays on Art and Artists', with a good selection of images.

Assorted Old Master Drawings
Mia Weiner's old master dealership has an online exhibition of available works, with good quality photographs and scans organised by school, period and artist providing a useful resource. (nb - this is not an endorsement of the business, just the online images!)

Sebastiano del Piombo - Raphael and His Age Exhibition
Two Sebastiano drawings and a short but worthwhile article on the artist are featured in this online catalogue to the 'Raphael and His Age' exhibition of drawings from the Palias des Beaux-Arts.

A Century of Drawing
Some not-so-old masters are featured in this overview of drawing from 1900 - 2000, from the National Gallery of Art. Includes an online gallery with thumbnails grouped in 20-year periods and related resources.

The Gandy Gallery
The Gandy Gallery deals in many fine Classical Realist artists and has excellent online displays of their work. The majority are oil paintings but examples of other media can be found.

Silverpoint Drawings on Wikimedia
An index of public domain silverpoint drawings at Wikimedia. Print, copy and study silverpoint drawings from the old masters.

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