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Whether you're drawing a realistic landscape or creating a fantasy world, using reference sources, either from real life or photographs, is a useful way of making sure that your drawing looks convincing. Trusting our memory often results in a 'caricature' landscape that looks 'almost' real - but not quite. Use these landscape images as references for drawing projects by themselves, or as a jumping-off point to get your own ideas flowing. Each image includes tips on how to handle the landscape elements in the picture, and some are supplemented by closeups for more detail.
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Alps and CastelloLush foliage and swans on the Avon river, EnglandSwans Near the BridgeCityscape - MelbourneGrape Vines
Old Bridge Drawing © Peter J. Old Bridge Drawingold stone bridge on the Avon riverOld Bridge on the Avon DetailDrawing Reference - Old Bridge on the Avon RiverDrawing Reference - Old Bridge on the Avon Riverwaterfall pencil sketchWaterfall Drawing
Waterfall DetailWaterfall DetailWaterfall Reference PhotoWaterfall Reference Photo
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