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Drawing Landscape, Nature and Wildlife

The natural world offers an endless source of subject matter. Here are some drawing tutorials and galleries featuring themes of landscape, nature, wildlife and animals.
  1. Draw the Sky and Clouds (5)

Landscape Reference Photos
A selection of landscape drawing reference photos, with tips on tackling each subject.

Landscape and Architecture Gallery
A gallery of landscape, seascape and architectural drawings by About.com's Drawing Forum members.

Reference Photos - Winter Snow Scenes
Reference photos - winter snow scenes for drawing

Drawing Winter Scenes
Drawing Winter Scenes - how to draw snow and winter landscapes. How do you draw all that white? Here are some tips to help you draw those chilly, beautiful winter landscapes.

Landscaping Pictures | Photo Gallery | Landscape Design Ideas
Landscaping Guide David Beaulieu has some great reference photos of landscaped gardens, including a bridge and garden reflected in a lake.

Gaia Art - Lesley Crawford
Have a look at the splash page -its worth visiting just for the lovely site design! Its rare to see such subtle and creative use of colour and image. The gallery includes watercolor, color pencil and graphite.

Wildlife Artist David Dancey-Wood
Combining the skill of an artist with the passion of a conservationist, British artist Dancey-Wood's finely detailed drawings are precise yet full of life.

Nature Drawings
Marie-Anne Cristen's site is in French, but don't be deterred - her delicate drawings are a delight !

Drawing Trees
From 'FARP' at Elfwood, a really helpful tutorial on drawing trees in graphite pencil.

Sketching Wild Birds
Selected Tips and Tricks for sketching wild birds, from British artist and teacher Trevor Smith. The tips are taken from his book on the subject.

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