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Grids, Copying and Tracing - Mechanical Aids to Drawing

Traditional and contemporary aids to accurate drawing, what they are and how to use them, including the pinhole camera and Camera Lucida.

Grid Drawing - Copying Pictures Using a Grid
gridding up, or grid drawing, is a useful way of copying drawings when tracing isn't an option. This illustrated step-by-step shows you how to use a grid to start your drawing.

Grid Drawing Tip - Using a Computer
If you need to copy a digital photograph, or can scan a photograph into your computer, why not try using your computer graphics software program to make gridding your drawing a bit easier?

Grid Drawing Tip - Photocopying Enlargements
Sometimes you don't want to spoil your picture by drawing lines on it, and sometimes the image is too small - you need more detail, or you want your drawing to be bigger. This grid drawing tip is just what you need.

Grid Drawing Tip - Tracing the Lines
One major problem with grid drawing - those pesky lines that are hard to erase, especially once you start shading. Here's a tip on avoiding the problem when using a grid to copy a drawing or photograph

Camera Lucida - What it is, How it Works
What exactly is a camera lucida? How do I use one? Where can I buy one? And what about that Hockney book... Find out the answers to all these questions and more in this article by About.com Painting Guide Marion Boddy-Evans.

Projector Tips and Techniques
Suggestions on projector and light box use from the Artograph manufacturer. Includes links to product pages and information about various types of projector.

Camera Obscura - A Sky in Your Bedroom
"Turn your bedroom into a Camera Obscura." is the idea behind this Fun Science article. The methods could be used to create your own artist's camera obscura. A word of warning...sun + lenses...hmmm.. don't set anything on fire now, will you?

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