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What to Draw With - Art Supplies for Drawing and Sketching

Shopping online for art supplies can be a bit daunting, with so much to choose from and no shop assistant. So check out these articles and make your choices easier. Learn about art supplies for drawing so you can make informed decisions, and check out my reviews and Top Pick lists for suggestions on pencil, colored pencil, pen and ink and paper.
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Colored Pencil Reviews
Which colored pencils will suit your needs? Here's some mini reviews of colored pencil brands to help you buy the best colored pencils for your artwork.

Ink Drawing and Painting Sets
Ink Drawing and Painting sets are a great way to buy everything you need in one neatly-packaged box. Take them traveling,keep them on your desk or give one as a holiday gift. You can't go wrong with one of these lovely sumi-e or ink drawing sets.

Before You Buy Graphite Pencils
There are a surprising range of drawing pencils on the market. Is it worth spending the big dollars? Well, yes. Don't get halfway through an important drawing to have a flawed pencil gouge your paper. Read this before you head off to the art store.

Drawing Pens and Nibs - Top Picks
Pen and ink drawing is one of the cheapest and easiest drawing mediums. Here are your guide's pick of the best ink pens and nibs for pen and ink drawing. Includes old-fashioned dip pens, inexpensive memory pens and rapidograph technical pens.

Artist's Pastel's for Beginner to Intermediate Artists
Fine Artist's pastels contain as much pigment as possible, with just enough binder to hold them together, making them very expensive! Fortunately there are some very good budget alternatives available. Here are my pick of the more affordable options for beginner to intermediate pastel artists.

Choose the Best Charcoal for Your Drawing
Here are my thoughts on a selection of popular charcoal drawing materials to help you choose the right product for your needs.

Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencils
Product review: read your guide's thoughts on Faber-Castell's line of Watercolor Pencils.

Derwent Graphitint Pencils
Derwent Graphitint Pencils - Review. Graphitint pencils might not be exactly revolutionary - people have been blending watercolor, colored pencil and graphite for themselves - but these watersoluble graphite colors are lovely to work with.

Computer Art Gadget Review
Readers share their opinions on digital art peripherals, tablets, bamboo tablets and digitizing pens.

Daler-Rowney Art Supplies
Daler-Rowney Art Supplies - find out about the Daler-Rowney company, their products and website. Daler-Rowney produce Derwent drawing pencils and a range of other art supplies.

Pigments and Recipes
Can't get the color pastel you want? Make your own! You can even make your own ink. Sinopia has the recipes, and while you are there browse their online shop for pigments. Bliss.

A Complete History of the Pencil
An enjoyable article all about the pencil, its history, what pencils are made from (and no, it isn't lead!) and where they come from. At the Chemical and Engineering News magazine.

Daler Rowney
Website of one of the premier art supply manufacturers. Click on the 'web site' icon to navigate via their nifty paintbox interface.

Winsor and Newton
Winsor and Newton make excellent artists soft pastels. Check out the FAQ for tips and interesting information on their superior product range. Also see their information on lightfastness.

Sennelier have supplied generations of French artists, and their superior products are distributed internationally. Wouldn't you like to use the same sketchbook as Picasso? The present site is in French but an English version is under construction.

Talen's Art Materials
Talens manufacture (as well as paint) soft pastels in their Van Gogh 'amateur'and Rembrandt 'professional' ranges.

Art Spectrum Pastels (Australia)
Art Spectrum are one of Australia's premier art suppliers. This page has a colour guide and information on their range of professional quality artist's soft pastels.

Vegan Art and Drawing Supplies
More and more companies are recognizing the need for ethical choices in their product ranges. Here is a list of vegan and vegetarian-friendly art supply products for drawing.

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