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Sketch a Running Horse

By Dan Lewis

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Horse Drawing Composition and Boundaries
sketching a horse -the outer boundaries

The outer boundaries of the horse's silhouette.

Dan Lewis, licensed to About.com, Inc.
I’ve tried to indicate more of the early stages of this horse drawing as everything else hinges on the start. It might look a little odd if you're used to drawing an outline first, because we start off by looking at the overall proportions. The more careful and accurate you can be in these first stages, the easier things will fall into place later on. Draw very lightly; these images are darkened so they will show up on your computer monitor. The first step in sketching the horse is to get a general feel for how the entire image will fit on the paper. I try to visualize the finished image and indicate where the outside boundaries will lie. I tend to work from the largest shapes and gradually “whittle” them down to the smallest.
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