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Finishing Your Horse Drawing
the finished horse drawing
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To finish your horse drawing, erase the construction lines, and make any corrections you feel are needed. Now you have a basic outline of a horse, ready to shade or color in.

In this lesson we used simple steps to make the process very easy to follow. A horse drawn in this way is never going to be quite realistic, because we are drawing the basic 'idea' of a horse, not a real horse. Horses vary as much as humans do. Have you ever tried drawing a generic 'human'? It ends up looking a bit strange and unreal. The trick to drawing a realistic horse is to draw just one horse, and to observe it carefully

Try A More Challenging Horse Drawing

Now you've done a basic horse, maybe you'd like to try sketching a more realistic one. The next tutorial shows you how to observe the horse in life or in a picture, and create a more lifelike sketch. Go to How to Draw Horses
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