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Learn How to Draw a Horse, Step by Step


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Draw the Outline of the Horse
draw a horse step three - outlines
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Next we draw the outline or 'contour' onto the basic framework that we've sketched in. Now your drawing will start to look like a horse!

The horse's legs: first add lines to fill out the legs, with a big inverted triangle for the upper part of the back leg, all the rest pretty straight.

Head and neck: join the square at the nose to the cheek-circle to form the horse's head. Add the ear(s). Draw a curvy line joining the cheek to the neck, making the bottom of the neck-triangle a little fatter too. Draw a curved, arching crest over the neck.

The body: square off the horse's chest at the top of the foreleg. Join the chest and hindquarters on top and underneath with lines that curve in slightly.

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