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Learn How to Draw a Horse, Step by Step


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Continuing the Horse Drawing
drawing the structure of the horse, adding neck, legs
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The next step in drawing the horse or pony is to sketch in the basic shapes of the head, neck and legs. This will help to get the basic proportions right, and give some key points before you draw the outline or contour.

Draw a triangle for the horse's neck, a circle for the cheek and a square for the muzzle. That's all you need for now - we'll add the contours later.

Next draw two straight lines, for the forelegs, two bent ones for the back legs, with balls at the joints as shown. Draw short sloping lines for the horse's fetlocks (ankles) and triangles for the hooves.

If you'd like to learn more about how to look for shapes so you can draw any horse you like, try this lesson on how to draw horses.

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