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Learn How to Draw a Horse, Step by Step


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Learn How to Draw a Horse Step by Step
draw a horse - step one

Starting the drawing with easy shapes.

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This tutorial shows you how to draw a horse. This lesson is designed so that beginners can follow along without being daunted by too much detail. If you've already mastered the basics, you might like to try one of the more advanced horse drawing lessons.

Let's get started! To begin with we are going to make some guidelines to help us get everything in proportion. So first draw a rectangle, as big as you want the back of the horse to be. This will help to get the legs and body in the right place. Make sure you leave room on the left of your paper for the horse's head and neck. Make the rectangle a little wider for a short-legged pony, taller for a leggy thoroughbred, or square in the middle.

Next draw two ovals like these. Notice how they fit closely together in the top half of the square. One oval is quite flat, for the barrel of the horse's chest. On the right a sloping oval for the horse's hindquarters.

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