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Learn to Draw Cats

Learn to draw cats - learn how to draw and sketch cats, including simple step-by-step lessons and tutorials.

How to Draw and Sketch Cats
Cats are wonderful subjects to sketch, with their quick graceful movements equally suited to brisk energetic handling or to smooth, elegant line.

Draw a Cat Step-by-Step
Draw a cute cat with this original step-by-step tutorial from your guide.

How to Draw a Cat in Colored Pencil
Draw a beautifully detailed, realistic cat portrait in colored pencil, step by step, with equine and wildlife artist Janet Griffin-Scott.

How to Draw a Cat in Graphite Pencil
Learn to draw a cat in graphite pencil. Draw a realist cat portrait in graphite pencil following this step by step tutorial.

Draw a Cat (Advanced)
Melissa Schatzmann's tutorial on drawing a cat from a photograph. This is a tonal (shaded) drawing which may be quite challenging - try copying the online version as a learning exercise before using your own photo.

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