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Draw a Sea Turtle

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Here's a fun little tutorial, ideal for younger kids. One class of students even used this drawing to create a beautiful display of multicolored, painted turtles. Follow these simple steps to draw this cute sea turtle swimming through the ocean.

1. Start with an Egg Shape

First draw a tilted egg-shape for the sea turtle's body, with the bottom part rounded and the top slightly pointed. Then draw the front boomerang-shaped flippers, and add the rather triangular back flippers. Then draw the turtle's spoon-shaped head and neck

2. Add Detail

H. South
Draw another egg shape inside the first, letting it join up to the top edge as shown. To draw the shell pattern, add a row of squashed diamond shapes along the middle. Then add the turtle's eye and mouth.

3. Finish the Sea Turtle

H. South
Complete the shell by drawing the lines dividing up the outer band of the shell. Create the leathery texture of the turtle's skin by drawing a random pattern of little marks here and there.
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