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Pet Photography - How To Photograph Your Pet for Drawing


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Pet Photography - Viewing Objectively
Pet Photography - How To Photograph Your Pet for Drawing
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We usually see our pets through rose-colored glasses - we don't notice the bad photo, only seeing the pet we adore. Chances are you've got a shot not much different from the one on the left of your dog: too close, flash, and a less-than-happy expression (hey mom, what's that shiny thing? Not cookies!). If you're going to devote hours to creating a drawing your pet from a photograph, you need to look objectively.

To begin with, try to enlist a family member or two to help with your photography session. Rather than your dog or cat peering into the lens, your helper can distract them away from the camera. In the photo of the Bernese Mountain Dog at right, there is a favorite toy being waved in the air out of shot! With a simple trick like this, so that you can get a nice three-quarter or profile photograph of your dog, from a good distance.

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