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Wolf Drawing - How to Draw a Wolf


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Draw a Wolf - Preparation and Initial Construction
the initial structural sketch

Establishing the structure of the wolf drawing. Click picture to see the full-sized image.

M. Hames, licensed to About.com, Inc.

Before you start drawing the wolf, you'll need the right ground - this is another name for the support or surface for the drawing - paper, board or canvas. For this wolf tutorial I chose a mat board, also called illustration board. The best illustration board for drawing in graphite pencil is hot pressed. The best ground to use is a thin plywood panel with two coats of latex paint applied with brush or roller, sanded lightly before you start. Otherwise, a good quality drawing paper or hot-pressed watercolor paper will do.

To begin drawing the wolf, we need to establish the geometry. Study the wolf's face and break down the form to its most basic shapes. Use lines to centre and properly space all of the major elements. Draw lightly and erase nothing.

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