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Wolf Drawing - How to Draw a Wolf


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How to Draw a Wolf
draw a wolf - drawing wolves

Wolf Drawing - Learn to draw this wolf.

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Create this beautiful wolf drawing following this step by step by renowned artist Michael Hames.
While the final drawing is very sophisticated, Michael makes it achieveable by breaking the process down in to intuitive steps. First, he shows you how to construct the geometry of the wolf's face, then gradually build the tone and detail to create a full tone graphite pencil drawing. Michael uses a textured paint surface and keeps the construction and sketch marks to give the drawing a great deal of life - follow his lead and your wolf drawing will spring off the page instead of being stiff and lifeless.

While we all want to dive into drawing the contours and fur, your drawing will be vastly improved if you take your time with the less 'romantic' initial construction stage of the wolf drawing. THis will give you a framework is solid and accurate, as these are critical to the success of the final drawing. Don't rush to get into the detail.

If you need a reference photo for your drawing, try a search for Wolf on Wikimedia Commons.

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