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Learn to Draw Animals

Learn to Draw Animals - learn to draw animals including cats, dogs, and horses, including easy step-by-step animal drawing lessons and advanced tutorials.
  1. Draw a Wolf - Wolf Drawing (5)
  2. Learn to Draw Cats (5)
  3. Learn to Draw Horses (15)

Zoo Sketching - How to Sketch Zoo Animals
Learn how to have a successful day sketching animals at the zoo with this tutorial from Ed Hall. Get the most out of your sketching trip with tips on using gesture drawing and examples of some of your favorite zoo animals.

Pet Portraits and Animal Drawings
Share your pet portraits and animal drawings in this Show and Tell gallery. Browse the pet portraits and animal drawings from Drawing/Sketching readers, and add your own drawing.See submissions

How to Draw a Wolf
Learn how to draw a wolf or werewolf following this superb step by step drawing tutorial by artist Michael Hames.

Draw a Sea Turtle
Follow these simple steps to draw this cute sea turtle swimming through the ocean.

Plan a Zoo Sketch Crawl
Drawing at the zoo can be a rewarding experience for both the novice sketcher and the accomplished artist. Speed sketching animals is a good way to hone your skills and train your eye to capture all creatures in motion. The zoo offers a wide variety of species, and therefore provides a chance to render scale changes and differing volumetric...

Draw a Horse Head Step by Step
Here's a very easy step-by-step lesson on how to draw a horse's head. We'll use some simple shapes to build the drawing, so you can follow this lesson even if you think you have no drawing ability at all.

Draw a German Shepherd Dog
Learn how to draw a German Shepherd dog in colored pencil with this step by step drawing tutorial by guest artist Janet Griffin-Scott.

Draw a Dog Step by Step
Sketching your dog from a photograph is quite easy - at least you have a stationary subject!

Animal Drawing Gallery
A gallery of animal drawings and sketches - portraits and scenes of animals from loved pets to wild animals. Drawings contributed by Drawing/Sketching forum members.

Pet Photography: Photographing Your Pet for Drawing
A good reference photo is essential for portrait drawing, but too often, beginners try to do a portrait from a small, out-of-focus flash-photo from a bad angle. Here are some tips on getting a great shot of your pet so that you can create a great pet portrait.

Draw a Dog Step by step
Drawing a dog's head is easy with this line-by-line illustrated tutorial from your guide.

Draw a Tropical Fish
A simple step by step tutorial shows you how to draw a pretty tropical fish. Do some in colors to match your favorite film character!

Step by Step Draw a Frog
Draw a cute frog using simple shapes - its easy! Follow the steps in this illustrated tutorial.

Draw Dogs' Eyes

The eyes of any portrait require special attention. In this short tutorial we take a look at the process of drawing a dog's eyes to capture the expression and varying textures of the eyes and hair for an expressive, realist dog portrait drawing. From equine and animal artist Janet Griffin-Scott.

Draw and Paint Horses' Eyes
Horses' eyes are as unique as human eyes, varying according to personality, breed, colour and expression. A horse's eyes can be very expressive, and it's important to capture them accurately. Here we take a look at five variations on the 'standard' horse eye drawing with tips on how to draw and paint them, from equine artist Janet Griffin-Scott.?

Dog Drawings - Mike Sibley Fine Art
Mike Sibley's dog portraits are superb, beautifully composed and amazingly detailed. His 'studio tips' section includes excellent tutorials on techniques for realist drawing of dogs and other subjects.

Draw A Seal – How to Draw a Cartoon Seal
Follow along with this drawing lesson and use easy, step-by-step instructions to teach you how to draw a cartoon seal.

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