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A Hand-Eye Drawing Coordination Exercise
wire bending

wire bending

H South
Here's a fun, easy exercise for beginners of all ages. I discovered this exercise in Claire Watson Garcia's excellent book, Drawing for the Absolute and Utter Beginner.

This is one of the first drawing exercises that I use with a new class, as it is non-threatening - because the wire shapes are abstract, you can't really be critical of them. It is also a great exercise in hand-eye co-ordination. Because the wire doesn't look like anything, you can't revert to 'drawing what you think you know' but have to consistently use your eyes to study the shapes.

What You Need:
All you need for this exercise is a length of scrap flexible wire or (as I usually use) an old wire coathanger, carefully snipped open and bent with pliers. Be careful not to stab or cut yourself! Use any old sketch paper and a fiber-tip pen or number 1 or 2 ( B or HB ) pencil.

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