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An Easy Drawing Lesson


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Begin Shading
An Easy Drawing Lesson

A first layer of graphite pencil shading.

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Now begin shading. Note where the light shines giving a highlight - avoid this area - and shade the mid tones and the darkest shadow areas. Sometimes I'll shade over an area and use the eraser to create the highlights. In this example, I've used the tip of the pencil so that the pencil marks show like hatching. A more patient application allows you to get a smooth, fine tone, while using the side of the pencil will show more paper texture.

As I want to create a loose, hatched look in this sketch, I've let some of my shading carry across the outline. I'll use the eraser to clean that up. Sometimes if you try to draw all the way up to an edge or outline, the marks will get heavier as you get closer. So this is one way to prevent that effect.

Don't worry about surface detail like spots or patterns - the object of this lesson is to create a fairly three-dimensional looking shaded form, showing light and shade. The focus is on 'global tone' - the overall effect of light and shadow - rather than the color and detail on the surface of the subject.

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