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An Easy Drawing Lesson


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Drawing the Contour or Outline
An Easy Drawing Lesson

A simple outline is a good starting place.

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If you aren't sure where begin, hold the pear against your page to see how it will fit. Place it on the table in front of you, not too close. Using your HB or B, start near the top of the fruit, and draw the outline, following with your eyes slowly along the outside of the shape and letting your hand follow. Don't press too hard - make the line as light as possible. I've darkened mine so it will show on screen.

Use whatever kind of line you are comfortable with, but try not to make them too short and choppy. As you can see, I've used a combination of short and long lines, although I always aim for a fairly long and flowing line. Don't worry about erasing mistakes at this stage - just redraw the line you want or ignore it and keep going. That's one of the advantages of drawing a natural object like fruit - nobody will know if it's accurate or not!

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