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An Easy Drawing Lesson


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An Easy Beginner Drawing Lesson
easy drawing lesson for beginners

Perfect for beginners - an easy drawing lesson.

H. South, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Do you think you can't draw? Don't worry, everyone has to start at the beginning, and if you can write your name, you can draw. In this easy drawing lesson you'll create a relaxed sketch of a piece of fruit - a fun and simple subject.

For this lesson you'll need some paper - office paper, cartridge paper or a sketchbook. I've used a HB and B pencil, but any pencil you have will do, and you'll need an eraser. A sharpener is a good idea too. You'll need a subject - something to draw. A piece of fruit is a perfect first subject because of its natural, irregular shape - I've chosen a pear, as its shape is more interesting than an apple.

A strong single light source gives you more dramatic highlights and shadows
Some artists like to blend (smudge) tones, but while you are learning to control tone, it is better to leave pencil marks. With practice your shading will get more even.
Don't worry too much about 'mistakes'. A few stray lines can add interest and life to a sketch.

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