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Draw 101 - The Basics - Beginner Drawing Lessons

Learn to draw by working through these quick, simple lessons. This free, online Learn to Draw course will help you learn to draw what you see and develop your skills.
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Learn How to Draw
If you want to learn how to draw and don't know where to start - start here! Drawing lesson hub organizes everything you need to know, and will guide you through each step as you learn, so make it your homepage for easy reference. Work through each article in each section, doing the exercises and trying out the ideas.

Top 10 Mistakes Beginners Make
Find out the common mistakes beginners make when they learn to draw, and how to fix them.

How to Hold a Pencil
There's no 'one right way' to hold a pencil, but some methods are better than others. This article demonstrates the most popular ways to grip a pencil.

How to Learn to Draw
I'm trying to learn to draw, but don't know where to start. I'm trying to draw a great portrait and can't get it to look like the person, and when I try to draw a person, it looks like some sort of zombie! What should I do? First, don't panic. Second, read this article and find out how to learn to draw - from the beginning!

Wire Drawing Exercise
This is an excellent beginner exercise in hand-eye co-ordination. Loosen up and have fun with a non-threatening drawing exercise that sharpens the hand - eye connection, developing observations skills

Pencil Shading Exercise - Shading an Egg
Practice your pencil shading with this simple but surprisingly challenging subject.

Line Drawing - Using Implied Line in Drawing
Line Drawing - sometimes edges are easy to see, but what do you do with complicated, rounded shapes? Find out how to use implied line to create a better contour drawing.

Beginner Art and Drawing Lessons
Here you'll find an visual index to the beginner learn to draw lessons that are listed below, covering the essential basic techniques and exercises you need to learn how to draw.

Blind Contour Drawing
One of the first exercises to try when you learn to draw, blind contour drawing develops your eye-hand connection. More advanced students can improve observation skills by including a short Blind Contour drawing as a warmup exercise.

Blind Contour Drawing Examples
Blind Contour drawing can sometimes look a bit strange, and you think you're doing it wrong. Chances are, you're doing just fine. Here are some examples.

Linear Contour Drawing - Pure Contour
Pure contour line drawing is the simplest form of linear expression. The line describes visible edges of an object from a particular point of view. This lesson explains what linear contour drawing is and offers some approaches to contour drawing.

Cross Contour Drawing
Find out what cross contours are and how to use them to make your drawing more three-dimensional.

Why Painters Should Learn to Draw
Can you be a good painter if you can't draw? Of course you can, but learning to draw will enrich your painting experience on many levels. Even if you never really master the drawn line, the drawing process is still important, useful and enjoyable.

Draw Basic Structure
By sketching the structure of the subject before adding detail, proportion and placement can be correctly established. Learn how to get the framework down first by looking for the basic shapes that make up an object.

Practice Graduated and Continuous Shading
Use this exercise in gradual and continual shading to develop your control of tonal value in drawing.

Pencil Shading
The first step to successful pencil shading is to control the movement of your pencil, making sure that every mark you make on the paper works towards creating the shading or modeling effect that you want.

Practice Graduated and Continuous Shading
Get control of your range of tone with this simple exercise in graduated tonal drawing.

Learn to Draw Values - Shading with Pencil
Value drawing requires a different approach to line drawing. This lesson will help you learn to draw values and shading by identifying the mental shift you need to make.

Graphite Pencil Drawing Lesson
Those marks on paper are your means of communication with your viewer - make sure they speak beautifully. This drawing lesson will help you get better control of your lines and shading.

Learn to Draw What You See
How can I learn to draw what I see? Firstly, by training your mind and eye to work together with some simple exercises. Here are some top techniques that will help you learn how to draw what you see. The linked headings will take you to more information on each technique, with lessons to practice.

An Easy Drawing Lesson
Here is an easy drawing lesson for beginners. Start learning to draw with this these easy drawing lessons. A piece of fruit is a good subject for a beginner artist, so we'll start with drawing a pear in graphite pencil. Give it a try!

Chalk Drawing Exercise - White on Black
Learn how to draw with white chalk or pastel on black paper. This simple exercise helps you to practice shading with white on black to achieve realistic results when drawing on black paper or a blackboard or chalk board.

Things to Draw
Need some things to draw? Here are some drawing and painting ideas to get you started. From traditional still life to contemporary approaches, you can find things in around the home to draw which make great subjects.

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