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Learn Old Master Drawing Techniques - Classical Realist Drawing

Learn Old Master Drawing Techniques - learn to draw using the classical realist techniques taught in traditional ateliers.
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Chalk Technique of Pierre-Paul Prud'hon
Many pages covering an extensive analysis of the drawing materials and techniques of Pierre-Paul Prud'hon, accompanied by many illustrations. Includes a well written step-by-step guide. Essential for anyone interested in traditional technique.

Silverpoint and Meticulous Drawing Media
This article on Silverpoint (and related media) traces its development as a drawing medium through to the present day. Accompanied by many images that take a little while to load but are worth waiting for.

Learnt by Picasso in his youth, silverpoint is a demanding medium used by few contemporary artists. This comprehensive site is the product of years of research by its author, J.M. Glenn. A first-class resource for those interested in the medium.

Drawing for Tempera Painting
Daniel V. Thompson's extensive and detailed treatise on drawing for tempera painting. "The draughtsman has perfect freedom to draw what he will and as he will; but he must draw it definitely, and abide by his drawing."

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