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Drawing Lessons and Printables for Children

Art and drawing activities for kids - find easy drawing lessons, fun step by step tutorials, printables and colouring pages of cartoons, characters and animals for children.
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Drawing Games
Pen and paper drawing games have always been popular and now touchscreen devices like tablets and phones have made digital equivalents available. Here are some favorite drawing games new and old.

A Friendly Cartoon Girl
A funky, friendly cartoon girl to draw - this simplified cartoon - style figure is easy to draw with simple steps to follow.

How To Draw a Fashion Model
Follow along with this easy, step by step lesson which will teach you how to draw a beautiful, gorgeous fashion model girl.

Learn to Draw Cartoon Faces
Learn to draw cartoons - Draw funny cartoon faces following the easy step by step examples drawn by guest artist and author Shawn Encarnacion.

Print and Color Cute Sea Animal Characters
Print these pictures of fun sea animals and color in, or save and use your photo or graphics program to color them in on your computer.

Print and Color Action Adventure Characters
Add some adventure to your craft time with a mermaid and a pirate captain, a ninja and a spy girl to print and color.

Draw a Beautiful Bollywood Paper Doll in Casual Wear
Draw a fun 'casual wear' outfit for your beautiful Bollywood paper doll. Priety in jeans for a day away from the movie set!

Print and Color Fantasy Characters
Print Off These Fun Fantasy Characters and Color them in.

Draw a Cartoon Goofy Guy
Create a classic, funny-guy goofy cartoon character step by step.

Draw a Triceratops Cartoon
A more advanced dinosaur cartoon drawing for older kids, this cute Triceratops is a bright and cheerful fellow!

A Cute Brontosaurus Dinosaur
Dinosaurs are so popular with children and Brontosaurus is a favorite. Kids can draw their own cute Brontosaurus Dinosaur with this easy lesson, or print it for coloring-in and craft activities.

Draw a Stegosaurus Dinosaur
Draw this super cute Stegosaurus dinosaur following the easy steps, or trace a copy to color.

How to Draw a Hula Dancer Girl
Get in the summer holiday mood drawing this Hawaiian hula dancer.

Draw Superheroes in Classic Marvell or DC Style
Learn how to draw superheroes. Here is a selection of fantastic superheroes with Marvell and DC Style comic book heroes that you can draw - copy them step by step or use them to create your own super hero.

Print Off and Color in these Ancient Warrior Characters.
Keep the kids occupied with these fun coloring in pages ideal for art and craft activities or make your own coloring book. Print Off These Ancient Warrior Characters and Color them in.

How to Draw a Cartoon Sun
Follow along with this drawing lesson and use easy, step-by-step instructions to teach you how to draw a sun.

Draw Our Fashion Model Doll as a Superhero
This is an easy drawing tutorial. Follow along with these easy drawing to draw a beautiful super hero.

An Ice Skating Penguin Cartoon
Everyone loves penguins - from Madagascar to Happy Feet, from Club Penguin to Veggietales to Tux the Linux mascot - penguins are a cartoon favorite. This cute ice skating penguin is perfect for winter themed and holiday crafts.

Draw a Christmas Tree Step by Step
Draw a Christmas tree on your own Christmas card or turn it into clipart on your computer - it's easy with this fun step-by-step

Print And Cut Out This Beautiful Bollywood Paper Doll
Create an Indian movie star paper doll. A printable paper doll with outfits to color.

Print and Color Super Sea Creatures
Printable sea creatures coloring pages - print and color these marine life drawings.

Coloring Pages - Dinosaur Pictures to Print and Color
Keep the kids busy with these fun printable coloring in pages, or save them to your hard drive and color them right on the computer.

Color In This Pretty Fashion Model
Fashion Model Coloring in pages - a pretty fashion model wearing various outfits for you to print out.

How To Draw a Beautiful Bollywood Paper Doll in Active Wear.
For fans of Aishwarya Rai and Preity Zinta, show the sporty side of your favorite actress with this sportswear outfit to draw for your Bollywood paper doll.

Summer Fun Print and Color Pictures
Find summertime fun pages for kids to print and color. Perfect for journal writing about summer holidays or school holiday outings and beachtime activities.

Color In This Beautiful Bollywood Star
Print and Color this Indian actress wearing a range of casual clothing and a traditional Saree.

Color In This Gorgeous Girl
Print this picture of a beautiful girl wearing fun outfits from swimsuit and casual to prom dress and princess gown.

Draw a Paper Doll Evening Outfit
Draw a fashion evening outfit for your beautiful paper doll.

Draw This Gorgeous Girl Model in an Evening Gown
Follow along with this easy drawing lesson. Learn how to draw a beautiful girl wearing a gorgeous dress.

Draw This Gorgeous Girl Dressed as a Princess
We've drawn the Gorgeous Girl in an evening outfit, and a prom dress. I don't know if she's kissed any frogs, but now she looks like a Disney princess.

Draw This Pretty Female Fashion Model in a Basketball Uniform
Draw this beautiful model wearing a basketball uniform. This is an easy drawing lesson

Fashion Model Printable Paper Doll
Printable pages with a complete set of fashion model doll and outfits. Choose a full color or outline version.

How To Draw a Beautiful Bollywood Paper Doll Wearing a Sari or Saree.
Follow along with this drawing lesson and use easy, step-by-step instructions to teach you how to draw a beautiful Bollywood Paper Doll wearing a sari or saree.

How To Draw a Beautiful Bollywood Paper Doll
Follow along with this drawing lesson and use easy, step-by-step instructions to teach you how to draw a beautiful Bollywood Paper Doll.

How To Draw a Beautiful Bollywood Paper Doll in Pajamas.
Every paper doll needs some comfy pajamas for taking time out and catching some beauty sleep. Follow these step-by-step instructions to teach you how to draw a beautiful Bollywood Paper Doll in Pajamas.

Crayola's Website
Check out the Crayola website for loads of creative fun, printables and online activities.

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