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Mood and Vision Board


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How to Make a Mood Board or Vision Board
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First of all, you want to plan your Vision Board. Decide what type of vision board do you want to create, and what it is going to be about. What purpose, goal or dream does your board need to inspire?

Inspiration Boards

To inspire specific artworks and creative ideas, create an inspiration board. Images might include other works of art that you admire, textures and patterns that you want to use, and subjects you want to explore. Texts might include quotes about making art, and words that are specific to your theme - such as about emotion and beauty, if you're a portrait artist.

Mood Boards

If you want to show clients the theme or feel of a design you're working on, communicate the atmosphere of a room or environment, the emotion that you want a product launch or website to generate, you'll create a mood board. Designers create these for their own use and to communicate with clients. They can include colors, fabric swatches, images of people expressing emotion, and pictures showing a design aesthetic.

Vision Boards

Focus on your creative goal or intention using an artist's vision board. These might show successful works of art, quotes, images of success and prosperity or contentment, and other pictures that support the artist's overall aims. It's kind of like a memory board in reverse. Think of the images as placeholders for things that haven't happened yet!

Once you've decided which type of board you're making, write down some notes about what you want the board to be about. Sometimes the bright and shiny things that catch our attention don't align with our greater goals. So it's a good idea to have a clear idea of your aims.

You might have a specific goal - to have an exhibition or work for a certain design company, perhaps - or you might think of a particular artist who inspires you, or a passage of text which is meaningful.  Try choosing one powerful image and one word or brief quote as a starting point.  

Generally the vision board isn’t trying to be a work of art. It is a collection of images and ideas, and while you’ll want to choose images that fit with your own sense of aethetics, try not to censor too much.

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