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Not sure what to draw, or looking for a particular subject? Find them here. These drawing ideas and projects range from easy line drawings using simple shapes, to step-by-step demonstrations of fully worked drawings. A gallery of artist's reference photographs provides source material for your own sketches, with advice on how to tackle the subject whether drawing from photograph or from life.
  1. Draw People and Portraits
  2. Drawing and Sketching Animals
  3. Learn to Draw Horses
  1. Drawing Flowers
  2. Draw Landscape and Nature
  3. Holiday Drawing

Draw People and Portraits

People are such fascinating subject. From academic anatomy studies to deeply expressive pieces about the human condition, there is endless inspiration in the human face and form.

Drawing and Sketching Animals

Animals are such fun subjects. Here are some furry friends to draw including some super-easy step-by-step line drawings for kids or DIY clipart, and some more advanced examples that show you how what to look for when drawing your own pet. You can copy the examples given, or use your own photograph or draw from life, following the steps in the example.

Learn to Draw Horses

Horses are such complex subjects that they deserve a special section of their own! From simple line drawings that a complete beginner can follow, to fully developed colored pencil masterpieces, here you'll find a horse drawing project to suit any horse lover.

Drawing Flowers

flower sketch

Flowers are a favorite subject - their organic shapes can be quite forgiving, and they can look beautiful whether in monochrome or color.

Draw Landscape and Nature

avon river

There are few pastimes more pleasant than sketching outdoors on a sunny afternoon. Here are some ideas to get you started, and tips and tutorials to help with the tricky bits.

Holiday Drawing

ice skating penguin

Special days call for special drawings. Here is a collection of holiday drawing ideas and tutorials for celebrations around the year.

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