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Better Drawing

Find ideas and tips to improve your art. Lessons in this category take you beyond the basics - develop your skills, try out techniques and
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Six Ways to Better Drawing
When you've mastered some basics, it's tempting to stick with predictable, safe ways of working and familiar techniques and subjects. But that can end up leading to boredom and stagnation. Here are some tips to help you take your art to the next level.

10 Classic Drawing Mistakes and How to Fix Them
This drawing lesson identifies the 10 most common mistakes beginners make, how to recognize them and most importantly, how to fix them.

Use a Value Viewer
This How-To shows you a quick and easy way to take the guesswork out of assessing the true value of image areas by using a value viewer to eliminate surrounding detail.

Gestural Drawing
Gestural drawing is a form of expressive mark-making that emphasises an energetic and tactile approach to form. They are a great way to loosen up and can be great fun, too.

Tips on Troubleshooting Your Drawings
Troubleshooting Your Drawings - ways to identify problem areas in your sketches. What is wrong with your drawing? Sometimes you've been looking at it for so long, you can't see it at all. Here are some ways to get a new perspective.

Drawing Fire and Flame
Draw fire, flame, fires and candles. A step-by-step tutorial on how to draw flame using line or colour, with some tips to think about when drawing candles, fire or flames.

Learn to Draw - Using Negative Space
Negative Space is an essential concept for anyone who draws or paints. How do you do a negative space drawing? Find out what negative space is and how to use it.

Better Graphite Pencil Technique
When you learn to draw, we spend a more time learning to look at the object than learning to draw it on the page. But those marks on paper are your means of communicating with your viewer. Are you getting the most out of your pencil?

Creative Mise en Place
'Mise en place' is a french term used by chefs to refer to the process of preparing and laying out ingredients before cooking. Just as mise en place helps the cooking process go smoothly, so peparing to draw by gathering and organizing your materials ahead of time allows you to create without interruptions.

Graphite Pencil FAQ Index
Find out the answers to common questions such as - which pencil should I use? do I have to buy a set? Can I use an eraser? Should I shade with a blunt or sharp pencil? What's the difference between a lead pencil and a graphite pencil? How to sharpen pencils?

Drawing Lesson - Shading with Graphite Pencil
This drawing lesson will help you make the the change from flat outline to shading realistic tonal values.

Still Life and Studies
A gallery of still life drawings and studies - finished drawings and exercises focussing on small objects and arrangements.

How to Draw Reflections
Drawing reflections is really as easy as drawing any other part of your subject. Here are some tips on how to tackle reflections with confidence.

Communicating Through Art
Does your art say what you really want it to? Thinking about the subtleties of mark-making can help you to make sure your art communicates the message you intend.

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