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Don't worry about learning long scientific names - the important thing for artists is understanding where the muscles are underneath the skin. Use these simple, clear anatomy images to help improve the accuracy and detail in your figure drawing.
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Musculature of the BackMusculature of the Backmusculature of the chest and abdomenMusculature of the Chest and Abshuman anatomy, figure drawing, feetMusculature of the Footmusculature of the handsMusculature of the Hands
the musculature of the head and neckMusculature of the Head and Neck - Frontthe musculature of the legsMusculature of the Legs - Frontthe musculature of the legsMusculature of the Legs - Backthe musculature of the torsoMusculature of the Torso
the musculature of the armMusculature of the Arm
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