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Human Anatomy for Artists

Human Anatomy - These human anatomy resources include skeleton, musculature, surface human anatomy references for artists, and human antomy classes.

Human Anatomy Reference Photos
A gallery of human musculature reference images for the artist. Large, clear, colorful anatomy illustrations, these are unlabeled so there's no text to get in your way. Click the image for a larger view.

Frank Frazetta - Anatomy
Don't miss these anatomical studies by renowned fantasy artist Frank Frazetta. It just goes to show - you don't need expensive courses, mannikins or materials - just a borrowed anatomy text and a dimestore notebook!

Animation: Human Skeleton in Motion
A short quicktime movie of a human skeleton running, a project from Stanford University's graphics lab.

Figure Drawing Proportions
Draw better figures by improving proportions using the skull, chest and hips method explained by Ed Hall.

Reference Photos - the Human Figure
Caution: Nudity. Unsuitable for viewers under 18. This extensive collection of reference photos are well-photographed, if rather static poses, that will be useful for those without access to a live model. Also includes hair reference photos, facial expressions and mediaeval costume.

Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body
Gray's Anatomy is the definitive text on the subject, and now you can access it online. Scroll down to 'Surface Anatomy and Markings' for some pages of particular interest to the artist.

An Illustrated Human Anatomy Lesson
Wesley Norman PhD, DSc, produced this systematic study of human anatomy. While some information is superfluous to the artist, there are many interesting images and diagrams that make it well worth a look.

Bodyworlds Anatomy at The Anatomists Website
Caution - many people may find these images disturbing. An online gallery of the Bodyworlds Anatomy exhibition with loads of additional information and discussion about the exhibition and related issues.

Human Anatomy Classes for Artists - Australia
Attend human antomy classes for artists with two expert lecturers, drawing from real human specimens at the University of New South Wales. Not for the faint-hearted, but valuable anatomical training for those interested in drawing the human body.

Human Anatomy - The Foot
Slightly gory color anatomical drawings show the muscles and tendons of the lower leg and foot from various viewpoints.

Human Anatomy - The Head and Neck
A human anatomy drawing lesson at WetCanvas covering the anatomical structure of the head and neck, including the eyes.

Anatomy Drawing: The Head and Neck
Drawing the head and neck - anatomical studies and points to observe when drawing the head and neck

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