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Bio: Michael Hames

Guest Artist Biography


Michael Hames Self Portrait

Self Portrait

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Michael Hames is a guest artist for Drawing/Sketching at About.com. He brings professional expertise and years of experience as an artist and teacher.

Biography: Michael Hames Michael Hames is a Canadian artist, originally from Ontario. He got his degree from Alberta College of Art and went on to teach at Selkirk College, Since moving to Nova Scotia he has continued to work as a freelance illustrator and artist, with his work appearing widely in publications including books and government brochures on wildlife.

There's a strong sense of integrity and respect for the creative process in Michael's creative vision. He writes: "A basis of the creative process is for me a sincerity of intent- the intention being simply to adhere to the ethic of creative development. To rely on a single technical skill is to follow a recipe of recognizable style and is a declaration of creative limitation or a submission to fiscal responsibilities. The manipulation of unfamiliar materials introduces technical challenges in the form of accidents, opening doors to fresh approaches to increasingly old subjects."

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