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Bio: Janet Griffin-Scott

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Bio: Janet Griffin-Scott

Guest artist, Janet Griffin-Scott

Janet Griffin-Scott, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Canadian artist Janet Griffin-Scott has owned, showed and worked with horses since childhood. But rather than a career in the Equine world, her creative talent led to a degree in in graphic arts and subsequent work as a freelance commercial artist. Janet's love for horses never diminished, finding expression in Janet's equine and wildlife art. As well as establishing her own gallery, Janet's work is widely exhibited and collected throughout Canada and the USA.

Janet's affinity for horses combined with technical skill and eye for good design ensured commercial success for her equine illustrations, with licensed giftware and other products bearing her artwork selling through the USA, Canada and Europe. This success hasn't been accidental, but rather driven by her professional approach to both the production and promtion of her artwork. Janet's talents as an equine portrait artist continue to be in great demand with regular commissions keeping her busy in the studio - and she still manages to find time to care for her family, farm and of course, her horses!

To find out more, visit Janet's website, Hoofbeats and Pawprints.

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